1win Terms and Conditions

Before diving into 1win’s world, it’s vital to comprehend both your rights and obligations as a participant. This article breaks down essential elements of 1win’s rules, empowering you to make the most of the site’s offerings.

Betting Rules 

The rules regarding betting limits and payout percentages can be adjusted by 1win bet at their discretion. Only bets that are not greater than the balance of the gamer’s profile will be approved. The bet amount will be deducted from the profile after the bet has been registered. The winning sum will be credited to the player’s profile following the bet calculation.

Bets that were incorrectly determined (for example, as a result of outcomes that were submitted incorrectly) must be recalculated. In this scenario, bets between the incorrect calculation and the recalculation are still acceptable. If, following recalculation, a player’s balance is negative, they are not permitted to place any bets until their profile has been credited.

All sporting events will only be deemed postponed and canceled if the following information is available:

  • The official records of the bodies responsible for organizing sporting events;
  • Official federations of sport sites;
  • Sites for sports leagues and other sources of sports news.

The sports events stated in the line will be modified based on those details.

Live Betting Procedures

Live bets can be placed for main and secondary outcomes. Combining several live bets into one combo is permissible. A bet is officially accepted when it’s recorded on the server and a digital confirmation is received. Once a bet is approved, it cannot be altered or revoked. 

1win won’t be held responsible for discrepancies in live betting matches, including recent results. Players are encouraged to consult multiple reliable sources for accurate information. Once placed, live bets are final and can’t be adjusted or canceled.

Types of Bets

A “single” bet involves betting on the outcome of one event. Winnings from a single bet are determined by multiplying the bet amount with the odds provided for that outcome.

An “express” involves betting on multiple unrelated event outcomes. The winnings from an express are derived by multiplying the bet amount with the odds of each outcome. If one outcome in the express fails, the entire express is considered a loss.

Limitations of Inclusion of Certain Outcomes of the Event

In an express, only one dependent outcome is allowed. If two or more outcomes overlap in an express, those with lower odds are automatically removed. 

Dependent outcomes refer to situations where one bet’s result can impact another bet’s result. Bets like “Will a team score a penalty?” will be lost if no penalty occurs during regulation time. Similarly, bets like “How the goal will be made” or “Next goal” will be considered lost if the stated condition isn’t met.

Account Creation

To access the site’s full range of services, users need to create a profile, involving email registration and password selection. Non-public material is required at this stage. Providing a legitimate email is mandatory during registration. 

1win may also verify the authenticity of provided details through user identification documents. Users confirm that the information shared during registration is accurate and complete. If there are changes, prompt updates to the profile are needed.

On the site, a player may only open one profile. Other profiles that the gamer has opened will be used as a backup. The bookmaker retains the option to cancel such profiles and declare all transactions made with a backup profile void. 

The player may email or telephone the support service at 8(800)301-77-89 (24/7), if there are any issues or concerns regarding registration on the Internet site.

Account Security

After setting up a profile, users must ensure their login details are safe. If login details are lost, the “Restore Password” feature can help. 

Users are liable for the security of their account and all activities within. Financial consequences due to unauthorized access are the user’s responsibility. In the event of unauthorized access, immediate notification to 1win is essential. 

Users might need to verify such incidents. 1win isn’t liable for any misuse by third parties or unauthorized profile breaches.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Before placing a bet, users must deposit a certain amount into their account. Users commit not to reverse or cancel any transactions initiated from their profiles. If any discrepancies arise, users are obliged to reimburse 1win for the unallocated funds and any incurred expenses. For withdrawal requests:

  • The profile must be complete;
  • If registered with “1 click”, users need to update their email in their profile;
  • For withdrawals exceeding 50,000 Naira or its equivalent, 1win may need to verify identity;
  • 1win may charge a fee for withdrawals of unused funds.

Policy Modifications

Occasionally, based on factors like business needs, legal requirements, or user feedback, 1win may modify the agreement. Users should regularly review the most current agreement available on the site. 

1win reserves the right to adjust its offerings without prior notification to users. Users must cease using the site if they disagree with any changes. Continued use signifies acceptance of the updated rules.

Queries and Feedback

For any concerns or questions about 1win Nigeria, reach out to:

Sensitive Details of the Players

The bookmaker is required to follow regulations pertaining to the protection of non-public details obtained as a result of the user’s visit to the site. The bookie is required to process the players’ sensitive details in strict accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Following its confidentiality policy, the brand agrees not to divulge or transfer any hidden facts about its users to any third parties, with the exception of acquirers and employees who, on a need-to-know basis, may use it only to provide higher-quality services.

To accurately record all information received, the bookie keeps copies of any correspondence it receives from players.

Links on 1win leading to external resources aren’t under 1win’s control. The brand isn’t responsible for external site content or actions. Users should proceed with caution when accessing these external links, provided only for reference.

Circumstances of the Force Majeure

The bookmaker shall not be liable for any delays or failure to perform the obligations set forth in the Agreement in the event of any situations of force majeure, such as any of the following:

  • God;
  • War;
  • Civil commotion;
  • Industrial disputes;
  • Interruptions of work of the public household networks;
  •  DDoS-attack;
  • Or any other attacks in the Internet-network. 

When circumstances of a force majeure are present, the operation of the site shall be regarded as suspended, and there shall be a delay in the performance of obligations during that time. Up until the conclusion of the conditions of the force majeure, the brand should be required to do all reasonable efforts to seek out solutions that would allow them to fully perform their commitments to the players.