1win Nigeria Privacy Policy Explained

1win Nigeria respects its users’ privacy and ensures the utmost protection of their personal data. This Privacy Policy provides clarity on how the brand handles data across its sites and services.

Personal data refers to identifiable details such as names, emails, addresses, and more. Aggregated or anonymized data is outside the scope of this document. The bookmaker may revise this Privacy Document periodically. Significant changes will be communicated either on their site or via email.

Details Collection and Methods

1win website gathers and processes your hidden details in various ways when interacting with their services. 

Direct Provision:

  • On specific sections of the bookie’s sites and services, users may be prompted to provide non-public details;
  • This could be during profile registration, verification processes, or support requests.

Automatic Collection:

  • The brand captures details like IP addresses, device specifications, and browser details when users access their services;
  • Tools like cookies and third-party applications, such as Google Analytics, assist in this collection process;
  • Information about transactions and account activity is also recorded.

Details from Third Parties:

  • Occasionally, 1win acquires non-public facts from other reputable sources to enhance their records;
  • These might include payment providers or publicly accessible resources.

The bookmaker is committed to legal compliance when processing hidden material:

  • Contractual Obligations: Processing may occur when fulfilling a contractual agreement, like profile registrations or site transactions;
  • Legal Requirements: Regulations may mandate certain data processes, especially concerning anti-money laundering and gambling license conditions.

Utilization of Non-Public Details 

1win uses your materials with clear intentions and legal justifications:

  • Service Delivery: To guarantee the optimal functioning of the site and fulfill service requests;
  • Access and Profile Management: Verifying identity, age, location, and other factors for profile setup and operation;
  • Legal and Regulatory Adherence: Ensuring compliance with legal statutes, preventing illicit activities, and upholding gambling license conditions;
  • User Support: Addressing technical, payment, or other issues associated with the services;
  • Site Improvement: Developing and enhancing site features and conducting analytical studies to refine user experience;
  • Security Assurance: Detecting and countering fraudulent activities, ensuring equitable use of the services, and maintaining network security;
  • Details Analysis: Generating aggregated and anonymous reports for internal or external sharing;
  • Financial Transactions: Overseeing and validating monetary transactions on the site;
  • Fraud Prevention: Collaborating with third parties for identity verification and fraud risk assessment;
  • Responsible Gambling: Monitoring gambling activities to ensure responsible gaming;
  • Betting Management: Overseeing betting activity and managing risks;
  • Rights and Agreements: Exercising rights stipulated in user agreements;
  • Internal Communication: Sharing material within the company group for administrative purposes;
  • User Communication: Informing users about site updates, promotional offers, and other essential communications.

How 1win Can Share Your Hidden Details

1win recognizes the importance of safeguarding its users’ hidden materials. While the brand primarily protects and retains user data within its ecosystem, there are instances when sharing this data with external parties becomes indispensable: 

  • The bookmaker might share user facts with other entities within its group;
  • In order to maintain a high standard of service on their site, 1win collaborates with various third-party service providers and partners. Therefore, certain user data might be disclosed to these entities to facilitate these processes;
  • The safety of the site and adherence to legal standards are paramount for 1win. Therefore, when mandated by law or deemed necessary, the bookie might disclose user materials to regulators, law enforcement agencies, courts, fraud prevention agencies, eSports self-governing bodies, and other similar entities;
  • Affiliates and individuals or entities introducing users to the 1win site might occasionally receive user details;
  • In scenarios not covered above, the brand can share user data with other parties if there is clear and explicit user consent.


1win Nigeria truly believes in the value of protecting its player’s non-public facts. The bookmaker has established stringent methods to ensure that user material is kept secure and protected since it recognizes the fundamental importance of privacy and data protection. This dedication is supported by rigorous organizational and technical processes.

Data Encryption

All data interactions between the users and the site are secured using industry-leading TLS (Transport Layer Security). This not only ensures that personal and financial details remain safe during transit but also while being stored on 1win’s servers.

Restricted Access

The brand is stringent about who accesses user details. Access to sensitive details is limited strictly to 1win employees, contractors, and agents who require it for processing purposes.

Network Security

1win boasts a fortified network infrastructure. This incorporates multiple layers of security controls, such as firewalls, intrusion protection systems, and network segregation.

Collaborating with top-tier security vendors allows the bookie to harness global threat intelligence, ensuring that 1win’s systems remain protected against emerging cyber threats.

Secure Data Centers

1win’s servers find their homes within enterprise-level hosting facilities. These facilities have in place robust physical security measures to bar unauthorized physical access to the housed servers.

Notable features of these facilities include round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance, a dedicated on-site security team, and periodic security audits. Additionally, to minimize potential data loss or service interruptions, 1win maintains geographically separated data replicas.

Proactive Security Monitoring

The brand’s security team is always on its toes. The team continuously monitors security systems, event logs, notifications, and alerts from every system under their purview. This proactive approach ensures swift identification and management of potential threats, fortifying 1win’s commitment to user details protection.

Use of Google Analytics

The bookmaker gathers facts about how this site is used using Google Analytics. Google Analytics tracks data such as how frequently you access the site, the pages you see while there, and the sites you visited before the 1win site. 

Your name or any other form of identifying material is not collected by Google Analytics; it simply records the IP address that was assigned to you on the day that you visited the site. The bookmaker does not combine your non-public details with data obtained via the use of Google Analytics. 

You can opt out if you’d like by disabling cookies in your web browser’s options.

SSL Encryption

A 256-bit key is used to encrypt all crucial communications between the user and the site using Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL).